Hiring Generation X

The apple doesn’t fall anywhere near the tree anymore.

GENERATION X ACCOUNTANTS are 21- to 35-year-old professionals who three years into their careers can command the same salary you worked 12 or more years to attain. Understanding who they are and what they want can help you hire them.

TODAY EMPLOYERS HAVE TO WOO seasoned applicants. Create an atmosphere that lets the individual know that he or she is important to you.

RIGHT NOW, YOUR FIRM OR COMPANY MUST PAY top dollar for qualified employees. Salary increases of up to 25% are not unusual. In addition, signing bonuses have become de rigueur.

SOME CANDIDATES ARE SEEKING something besides money: They want benefits and other perks that improve their quality of life.

GET THEM TO ACCEPT YOUR JOB by offering what they lack in their current position. Remember that people tend to move from pain to pleasure. Find out what they don’t like about their current job. Spell out how the offer you make will improve their situation.

THE CHANGES DON’T STOP ONCE the Gen-X employee is hired. If you want to retain these workers, be prepared to change your management style. This is the generation used to instant gratification.

ANDREA T. JENNINGS is vice-president of Atlanta-based Lucas Group, a nonfranchised recruitment firm specializing in the search and placement of financial professionals.

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