Military Officer Recruiters

Work with a Military Officer Recruiter Who Serves You

Transitioning from the military into the corporate world can be challenging. You’ve invested time, energy and resources into your military career, but transferring your skills and experience into the business market is not always easy. It requires aligning your military experience with company needs. It requires translating important, intangible skills into the reality of the marketplace. It requires knowledge of who is hiring and how you meet their requirements.

You deserve to work with a military officer recruiter who recognizes your skill sets, challenges, needs and goals. The vast majority of our military recruiters are veterans themselves, and we understand how to define and find rewarding veteran jobs…because we’ve been where you are today.

The U.S. military trains and educates incredible leaders – professionals whom we assist in identifying outstanding civilian opportunities and building lasting career success. We work with military officers to identify veteran jobs and careers that match their skills and their aspirations. The goal is to always deliver a civilian job that leads to a lasting, rewarding career.

Our military transition recruiters serve military job seekers the way you have served our country – with honor, skill and a commitment to results. Register online with Lucas Group today.

Leadership in Officer Placement

As the nation’s premier military transition recruiters, Lucas Group places the finest professionals in post military jobs. Companies of all sizes and across all industries trust our expertise in helping to identify and hire highly-skilled, experienced and capable military job seekers transitioning from the service into civilian careers.

Businesses need talented individuals who are more than managers. They need demonstrated leaders; leaders like you. Your military officer recruiter will work with you to assess your skills, experience, and career objectives and help knowledgeably match your qualifications with the companies where you can create genuine business impact.

Trust the military officer recruiting experts. Call Lucas Group today.