How to Describe Yourself During a Job Interview (With Examples)

12 August 2019

One of the most common interview questions you’ll hear at the start of your interview is, “Tell me about yourself.”

So, what are the best ways to answer this question?

We asked experts to provide some examples.

Bryan Zawikowski

Bryan Zawikowski

Vice President and General Manager of Military Division, Lucas Group


Some of my key points on this matter are:

  • Be confident, but be humble.
  • Don’t speak in the third person.
  • Don’t be too general, but don’t get too far into the weeds.
  • It is often best to talk about how peers & supervisors have described you in the past, as it lends more credibility to the description.

Here are a few examples:

In the past, my peers have described me as a hard worker and team player who is always willing to do more than his share of the work and who proactively seeks out ways to help other team members succeed. I was humbled and flattered by that feedback and it is certainly who I strive to be.

In my past performance evaluations, my boss described me as someone who could be counted on to get the job done better than expected and someone who always met deadlines well in advance. I pride myself on being an organized person who works effectively and efficiently, and it was nice to hear that my boss thought so too.

I strive to be empathetic and self-aware and seek out feedback from others at all levels to improve my performance. I see myself as a fully-engaged and collaborative team player. I believe in pouring all of myself into whatever I do and in helping others around me achieve success

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