Leadership Hiring Trends 2019 – Expert Panel

13 May 2019

A survey report based on a study of 200+ organizations


Finding quality leadership talent and nurturing them to take up critical strategic positions in an organizations is among the top and most critical challenges that organizations face these days. Having a strong company leadership in place and ensuring that there is a talent pool ready to take up key roles in the future are significant factors in determining the sustained success and profitability of an organization. For attaining this, organizations need to have a well-structured leadership hiring and leadership development process in place.

To demystify the topic of leadership hiring, we present to you the ‘Leadership Hiring Trends Report 2019’, the first report of ‘Mercer|Mettl Leadership Series’ which will be followed by the ‘Leadership Development Trends Report 2019,’ scheduled to be released in May 2019.

Leadership Hiring Trends Report 2019

Is a compilation of expert insights and survey results collected from more than 500 respondents. The report is meant to provide insights on the leadership trends, challenges and best practices that organizations of different sizes follow in different regions and industries, across the globe.

The diverse perspective of leaders, ranging from baby boomers to millennials, is meant to provide actual ground level insights on how organizations around the globe are dealing with leadership challenges, in order to bring forth the leadership hiring practices that have yielded successful results. Our exclusive leadership expert panel includes world-renowned leadership coaches, CXO’s, TedX speakers and influencers in the leadership space, who have been guiding startups, SMEs as well as fortune 500 companies in achieving their leadership goals for decades and continue to do so.

Quotes from Aram Lulla, General Manager, Human Resources Division, Lucas Group

For a more thorough assessment of leadership talent, organizations rely on leadership assessments that provide data-backed insights on the talent’s leadership skills such as the ability to lead people, drive business growth, interpersonal skills, learning agility, critical thinking, decision making, etc. Aram Lulla, GM of the HR division at Lucas Group advocates usage of leadership assessments –

“Using personality and specific leadership assessment tools can give additional data points to assess fit while utilizing references to specifically ask about their performance and their alignment with the core values of your organization.”

Read the full report here:  Mercer/Mettl, “Leadership Hiring Trends Report 2019”