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IT project managers (ITPMs) are to your technology goals what fuel is to transportation–human propellants who, from origin to destination, engage and feed the forward motion of every person and part of your project. ITPMs are technology planners, catalysts for progress, problem solvers, and drivers of timelines and budgets. They are people managers and communicators who keep all stakeholders informed and engaged. It takes extraordinary skill to seamlessly manage numerous activities at once in today’s rapid-change technology environment. Not surprisingly, gifted ITPMs are in high demand.

Lucas Group is the expert IT project manager recruiter who helps mid-tier to Fortune 500 companies find and onboard these talented and sought-after performers. We are recognized for maintaining a nationwide network of accomplished, fully vetted candidates, both active and passive, who are available for permanent, interim and contract roles.

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Our IT recruiters are specialists in helping clients meet very specific hiring goals. Our collaborative approach makes it a priority to understand whether your projects are small and quick or large and complex, and whether they reach across your enterprise or specific business units. Bringing deep information technology insights to your hiring table, we are able to quickly grasp your big IT picture and recognize when senior-level talent may be required. We also know where to find right-fit candidates for your unique requirements and culture.

For every scenario, we understand the need to entrust project manager roles to pros with demonstrated communications, organization, time management and problem-solving skills. And since this role is demanding and often challenging by nature, staying cool under pressure is also a must-have trait.

Let our candidates galvanize your IT success

Our ITPM candidates understand modern architectures and the contributing roles and technologies that go into building them. They possess years of project management and IT experience. Many excel in roles requiring leadership, supervisory and hiring skills. They are degreed in computer science, information technology and related fields. They comprise industry-specific specialists, and hold certifications across a swath of IT industry disciplines, including security, which is so important for today’s IT organizations.

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