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Your company needs top supply chain talent to compete in today’s economy. Lucas Group can help. We deliver exceptional candidates who drive business success. Fill out the form to get started or contact us at 800.466.4489.

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As the heart and soul of manufacturing, the supply chain is first to feel the impact of rising costs, economy changes, and new technologies and software. Manufacturers and talented employees know that profitability relies on their ability to stay in front of challenges and opportunities, including emerging ones.

Lucas Group’s leadership in this area of manufacturing is distinct and focused. More than ever before, manufacturers need an internal brain trust to effectively and efficiently navigate today’s world of supply and demand. This is why we maintain a national network of highly skilled job candidates – professionals with proven experience across the spectrum of supply chain activities, from product development to sourcing, procurement, production, logistics, information systems and beyond.

Our candidates are searching for companies that empower leaders and problem solvers, and we specialize in making these valuable connections.

All supply chain management recruiters are not created equal

Lucas Group is one of North America’s leading supply chain management recruitment firms. We serve mid-tier to Fortune 500 companies across multiple industries, from consumer goods and products, to food and beverage, industrial, aerospace, automotive and more. Companies struggling to find experienced leaders are able to fill key positions in a timely manner, including the roles of COO and other executives, general managers, as well as directors, managers and senior engineers.

Successful Supply Chain Recruitment

Lucas Group understands the difficulties and costs manufacturers face in staying current with best practices in this complex, evolving area of operations. We also see daily how having the right talent in place minimizes uncertainties and leads to success. For successful supply chain recruitment, we work with companies through a consultative approach that brings understanding of their unique businesses, strategic and financial goals, and how we can help resolve issues and achieve milestones. We work just as closely with top-tier candidates to align them with organizations that best meet their career and personal objectives.

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