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Are you transitioning from the military into the civilian workforce? Or have you already made the move and you’re now looking for your next best opportunities in the business world?

No matter your status, we’re grateful you’re here to explore jobs after the military. Lucas Group is the U.S. leader in military recruiting, so we’re already devoted to your future. And we do mean your future. Our purpose is to help you apply your strengths in business where you can make an impact and fulfill your ambitions. Our seasoned military recruiters will prove this commitment to you by building and maintaining a consultative relationship focused on your career next steps.

You have nationwide access to the best jobs for veterans

Lucas Group has led approximately 37,000 military professionals like you into the most sought-after civilian jobs for vets. Our relationships with military friendly companies give you access to select jobs for military veterans as they become available, plus the influence to help you land your job of choice.

Thousands of mid-tier to Fortune 500 companies look to us for talented candidates in military transition who have served as officers and skilled technicians. Leadership roles are abundant in information technology, engineering, manufacturing, transportation, logistics, telecommunications, sales, business development, health care and many other industries.


Use our specialized knowledge and expertise to make your move

Since many of our military officer recruiters are former military professionals themselves, we have the heightened understanding to expertly advise you, guide you with clarity and strength, and help you make a wise and confident choice.

Create your profile with Lucas Group today and let’s get you on the road to a highly rewarding post-military career.


Hiring Conferences

Our hiring conferences help you land a great job after the military. You’ll meet with companies who have genuine career opportunities.

Base Visits

We travel the world to meet with military professionals, share information, and help launch new careers. See where we’ll be next.

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Lucas Group is organized to serve you and your career. We never charge military candidates for any recruitment services. Learn more.

Founded in 1970 by a former Army officer, Lucas Group recognized long ago that the U.S. military is the finest employment training program in the world. It teaches determination, leadership, teamwork, focus, and an unmatched dedication to a greater goal. It’s a result-oriented organization, and these skills translate directly into corporate success.

Military officers have an unparalleled work ethic. You assimilate quickly, manage change well, and know what it means to do more with less. And having come from one of the world’s most diverse workforces, you are trained and accomplished at managing assorted teams and varied skill-sets.

Our meticulous process provides superior job search insight for our military candidates. Our SMO and JMO recruiters work with you to help plan and discuss your future career years before you leave the service, and our NCO and Miltech recruiters can help identify the veteran careers that lead to lasting success.

This long-term approach provides us a distinct advantage in helping you find and launch a civilian career that provides the best long-term opportunity for your success.

Across a wide variety of industries, we expertly place qualified talent within military hiring companies in key positions, including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Operations
  • Technical
  • Sales and Business Development

Our consistent success has established Lucas Group as the preferred military recruiting firm for mid-tier to Fortune 500 companies around the world.

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This is more than a job for our recruiters. It’s a passion – and we travel the world to meet and work with you in order to provide the very best veteran career search opportunities.

Our military recruiters are not only accomplished in the industry but most are veterans and reservists themselves. This deep knowledge and personal experience with the military enables us to thoroughly understand our military job seekers and to evaluate your skills, opportunities, and career ambitions.

Let us serve you and your career.

Lucas Group works with top military officer and skilled Miltech talent as well as with companies across the globe to find the professional matches that will create lasting business success. We are able to target the skills and identify the positions that lead to long-term accomplishment.

Select from the leadership positions below to learn more about the positions for which you may be an excellent candidate.

Military resumes don’t find great jobs – Lucas Group recruiters do.

With veteran recruiters from every branch of the U.S military and offices in 15 cities around the country, Lucas Group expertly assists retired military officers and Miltech professionals find and land great job opportunities.

Following are a few examples of the thousands of career and job search success stories we are proud to have helped create:

“The service I received from the Lucas Group has been nothing short of exceptional. After leaving active duty I took a lucrative contracting position overseas, but I still made it a priority to establish a relationship with Lucas Group because of the all the positive feedback I had heard. After returning from theater, I worked exclusively with Lucas Group when searching for the right position for me, and their whole national team worked together to place me. What more can I say? Lucas Group gets the job done!”S. Spring
Former US Air Force Electro-Environmental Systems Technician and Supervisor
Now Assistant Project Manager, Tempest Telecom Solutions

“Lucas Group was definitely the best source I had while I prepared to transition out of the military into the corporate world. Their personal touch and dedication to my needs were vital in the job search process. From the initial email and phone conversations through the interview process to my accepting a great job offer, the team treated me with the utmost professionalism. They honestly listened to what MY priorities were for an ideal job, they patiently answered the many questions I had while making this major life change, and provided clear guidance on how to be the most competitive candidate.

Then, after all the interviews they aggressively fought to pursue the jobs that I was interested in and aggressively sought the best deal possible. Their efforts provided a meaningful job opportunity and financial security to my family. I would highly recommend the Lucas Group to any military member whether you’ve made the decision to leave the military or even if you’re simply weighing your options. Trust me, you’ll be amazed!!”

S. M. Pazak
Army Ordinance Officer
University of Arizona ’97

“The Lucas Group offers the type of personalized service and support rarely found in today’s marketplace. Their recruiters truly took a unique and customized interest in my career aspirations and presented me with attractive opportunities which fully satisfied my requirements. More importantly, I developed a trusting relationship with my recruiters where I knew they always had my best interest at heart. My experience with Lucas Group was definitely one of the best professional relationships I’ve ever had.”

C. Jewett
USAF Program Manager
Pepperdine MBA ’05

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