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Since 1970, Lucas Group has served as corporate America’s premier source of military talent.

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The United States Military educates and trains the most effective and progressive leaders in the world. As these professionals leave the service and begin to build civilian careers, they bring with them a powerful combination of purpose, work ethic, leadership, and an unmistakable drive to succeed. Our military recruiters are not only accomplished in the industry but most are veterans and reservists themselves. This deep knowledge and personal experience with the military enables us to recruit directly from the top talent pool and to thoroughly screen every candidate for both proven results and future potential.

Military Recruiting Since 1970

Today’s vets are the transcendent talent needed to help your business stay relevant, keep operations stable, and protect and grow profits in a competitive global economy. In our vets, you’ll find the skills, leadership, ethics and accountability that can be lacking in today’s workforce.

Lucas Group is the leader among military recruiting firms. In fact we are the only firm in existence that was originally founded for this purpose. Since 1970 we have served small, mid-tier and Fortune 500 companies as North America’s premier executive recruiting firm. Our practice areas span every industry, market and sector, and our expert recruiters work at the highest levels of the business world to provide the strongest candidates at the right time.

Many executives and hiring managers attribute their companies’ increased productivity, efficiency and profitability to the military employees they hire through Lucas Group. These exceptionally accomplished vets include non-commissioned officers (NCO), junior military officers (JMO), senior military officers (SMO) and highly skilled technicians. We also assist vets with corporate experience in advancing their careers in business.

Working with Military Friendly Companies

Lucas Group partners with a growing North American network of companies committed to hiring top talent from the U.S. Military. These successful organizations, representing SMB, mid-tier and Fortune 500 companies, recognize the integrity and exceptional leadership skills of military professionals making a transition to the civilian workforce – because they share the same core values.

The distinguishing characteristics of military professionals could not be more closely aligned with the caliber of the companies we serve. Our clients who hire military professionals are committed to industry leadership, best practices, integrity and accountability – from their front lines to the highest levels of their organizations. For these companies, military talent is a natural choice for positions of leadership, especially in today’s economy.

When it comes to operating each day with the highest ambitions and reliable, results-driven performance, military-friendly employers know there is no better talent pool than the one trained by the U.S. Military. Our candidates include senior, junior and non-commissioned military officers, highly skilled military technicians and veterans with corporate experience.

How to Hire a Veteran

When you’re ready to explore exceptional U.S. Military-trained and educated candidates, Lucas Group is in the strongest position to assist you. Our robust talent network is the nation’s largest and the most trusted leadership pipeline representing professionals from all four branches of the U.S. Military. Our veterans also come from the United States Air Force Academy, West Point, United States Naval Academy, U.S. Merchant Marine Academy and the United States Coast Guard Academy.

There are four solutions for finding the right military talent through Lucas Group.

1.     Military Hiring Conferences: At our invitation-only Military Hiring Conferences, we can introduce you to those rare candidates who are pre-selected based on your unique requirements. We have the reach, resources and expertise to assess and exceed key staffing needs in leadership, management, sales, business development, supply chain, operations, engineering, maintenance and technicians.

2.     Virtual Military Hiring Conferences: This process is similar to our in person hiring conferences, but conducted online with no travel required. We meet with you to learn about your unique job opportunity and needs, and then we coordinate with our robust pool of military candidates to select those who meet the specifications outlined and ensure they are qualified for and interested in the opportunity before scheduling the virtual interviews. We provide 4-8 candidates all to be interviewed the day of the event. Following the event, we get your feedback on the candidates and create recommendations regarding pursuits based off of mutual interest.

3.     Navy Nuclear Virtual Hiring Conferences: These conferences are national in scope and follow the same process as our standard Virtual Hiring Conferences. These conferences only involve Navy Nuclear job candidates, and primarily focus on roles such as Leadership, Consulting and Engineering.

4.     Individual Interviews: Individual interviews are conducted by phone or video conferences when scheduling conflicts do not permit participation in one of our hiring events, or when the candidate pool is small due to job specs or location.

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Proven results plus high-impact potential. The U.S. Military educates and trains capable, effective professionals who emerge as business’ top leaders. For 50 years, Lucas Group has been the trusted source for skilled military talent.

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