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Don’t waste time or resources at cattle-call job fairs. Get results with Lucas Group Hiring Conferences. Contact a Lucas Group associate today for details about participating in an upcoming event. We have a mixture of live Hiring Conferences in cities around the U.S., Virtual Conferences and Navy Nuclear Virtual Conferences depending on your specific needs.  

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Not a job fair ‚Äď Our Military Hiring Conferences work for you and your business

Lucas Group Military Hiring Conferences are thoughtfully arranged in advance to optimize your business success. We carefully assess your company’s needs to ensure that you have the opportunity to meet pre-qualified and pre-screened candidates of outstanding ability. We choose candidates from a large, diverse pool of leaders and match these leaders with your business needs.

We have three types of conferences: our traditional live Hiring Conferences in cities around the U.S., national Virtual Hiring Conferences conducted via video conference and Navy Nuclear Virtual Hiring Conferences which are also national in scope and conducted via video conference. See below for dates and locations of upcoming conferences.  

Upcoming Hiring Conferences

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National Virtual Hiring Conference

May 6th

Job Seeker Contact

Jim O'Neal

Corporate Client Contact

Jim O'Neal

Hiring Conference FAQs

Where do hiring conferences take place?

Lucas Group Hiring Conferences are highly-organized recruiting events where we bring together clients and pre-screened military leaders who match one another’s needs and priorities. We host more than 35 invitation-only Military Hiring Conferences in cities like Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Norfolk, San Diego, Seattle, and Washington, D.C.

Our virtual hiring conferences are national in scope. These conferences require no travel and are done via an internet application and online video interviews. 

How many candidates will be in attendance?

Attendance for¬†live¬†Lucas Group Hiring Conferences ranges from 15-40 corporate attendees, with an average of 40-45. Our ‚ÄúTechnician only‚ÄĚ conferences will have between 30-50 candidates. These candidates have been invited to attend, based upon their qualifications and the specific needs of the corporations in attendance.

For virtual conferences, we set you up with 4-8 interviews with pre-screened, pre-qualified candidates who are expressly interested in your role.  

How are candidates selected for my interview schedule?

Your Lucas Group Account Executive will work with our Candidate Recruiting Team to pre-screen each candidate, based upon the detailed information that you provide. Our detailed pre-screening will ensure that each candidate you interview has both the skills and the interest in the position for which you are interviewing. Your interview schedule will not be finalized until you arrive at the conference. We need this flexibility in order to ensure that we are putting the best possible slate of candidates in front of you.

When do I receive my interview schedule and when may I see the resumes?

For in person conferences, upon your arrival, you will check into your hotel suite and will go to the Lucas Group Client Hospitality Suite. There, you will receive your individualized interview packet. Your packet will include your interview schedule and resumes for each of the candidates you will be interviewing. It also includes a feedback sheet, important for both your interviewees and us. Such feedback helps us continually improve our ability to meet your needs efficiently and effectively.

If you plan to arrive after 8:00 p.m. on the day before the interviews, we will leave your interview package at the hotel’s front desk for pick-up. The Lucas Group Client Hospitality Suite closes at 8:00 p.m. the evening prior to the interviews.

For virtual conferences, your Lucas Group representative will present you with candidate resumes and your interview schedule 24-48 hours prior to when the interviews are scheduled to take place. 

How many interviews does each candidate have?

Each candidate will normally have 8-10 interviews at an in-person Lucas Group Hiring Conference. Highly qualified candidates with flexible geographic requirements could have has many as 10-11.

What happens once I have completed my interviews?

Upon completion of your interviews, please fill out your feedback sheet and proceed to the Lucas Group Client Hospitality Suite. You may give the form to your Account Executive or another member of the Lucas Group team. They will review it with you to ensure that we have captured all relevant feedback.

For virtual conferences, your Lucas Group representative will connect with the interviewer to review their feedback on the candidates and determine which individuals they are interested in pursuing.

What do I need to do to land my ‚ÄúTop Prospects?‚ÄĚ

The most important thing that you can do is to let the candidates know that you are interested. Once you do that, we recommend that you:

  • meet or exceed all deadlines and expectations
  • create a personal bond with the candidate
  • coordinate with your Lucas Group Account Executive to find out what other opportunities the candidate is considering and what you need to do to be competitive

In most cases, being swift and decisive produces positive results.


We do not charge you a fee to attend the Lucas Group Hiring Conference. The only cost to‚ÄĮmilitary friendly companies‚ÄĮin attendance is transportation and the hotel suite(s) where the interviews take place. The suite cost includes a late check-out (5:30 p.m.) to allow for afternoon interviews. Lucas Group also provides lunch for all corporate interviewers. As a contingency hire, you only pay Lucas Group if you hire one or more of the¬†candidates¬†we have arranged for you to interview.

As there is no travel for the virtual hiring conferences, there is no cost associated with these events outside of placement fees once you hire a new employee.

How do I confirm my attendance?

Coordinate with your Lucas Group Recruiter. He or she will make all the arrangements for you, including room reservations (the hotel will get your method-of-payment when you check in upon arrival) and your interview schedule. We will factor in your travel times in creating the interview schedule.

Confirmation deadline

The deadline for confirming your attendance to the Lucas Group Hiring Conference is normally six (6) business days prior to the event. Ask your Lucas Group Recruiter for the confirmation deadline for each event you are interested in attending.

Why do I need a hotel suite for a live hiring conference?

Even if you are driving in the morning of your interviews, it’s important to have a quiet, private, and professional environment for your interviews. The suite hotels where we host the Lucas Group Hiring Conferences provide the perfect environment for this.

Who normally attends?

Ideally, the Hiring Manager for the position(s) you are seeking to fill will attend. It is sometimes helpful to have a Human Resources representative present in addition to the Hiring Manager.

How many and what types of corporations attend?

Attendance for Lucas Group Hiring Conferences ranges from 30-70 corporate attendees, with an average of 40-45. Our corporate attendees represent the largest publicly and privately-held corporations in the world, midsized companies, as well as some smaller businesses. Our core focus is on mid-tier to Fortune 500 companies. Each interview package will contain a list of the companies in attendance at each event.

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