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These Leaders Are Many Cuts Above the General Maintenance Workforce

Maintenance is an insufficient word in characterizing the sophisticated skill sets and expertise of the veterans we place in military maintenance jobs. Lucas Group candidates are formally educated and highly accomplished military officers, non-commissioned officers, Navy nuclear officers and skilled military technicians, including graduates of the nation’s renowned military academies.

When these elite professionals transition to the civilian workforce, it surprises no one that they hit the ground running across the broad field of maintenance – from facilities and building maintenance to aircraft and avionics, automotive, manufacturing, HVAC, electrical, IT networks and far beyond. Trained and educated by the U.S. Military, they comprise the most highly trained professionals in the world.

Fill top roles with assistance from the most knowledgeable recruiters

Mid-tier to Fortune 500 companies consult Lucas Group Military Transition specialists when it’s time to fill mid-management, leadership and high-level maintenance jobs. We are North America’s premier executive search firm and the leader in Military Transition recruitment. Most of our consultative recruiters are also veterans or reservists who understand the discipline, value and contributions veterans bring to critical maintenance roles.

Especially for people in key roles, the very nature of maintenance requires a leadership mentality, analytical and problem-solving skills, the ability to anticipate and be effective in high-pressure situations – and resolute adherence to operating procedures, regulations and safety. Through Lucas Group, hiring managers have access to candidates who are demonstrated in the most demanding aspects of maintenance, with diverse specializations, relevant education and certifications for the job at hand.

Expect speed and agility in response to your maintenance talent search

We know time is of the essence when you have a key maintenance role to fill. Seamless operations depend on eliminating that talent gap with the right person. Lucas Group checks all of your boxes, and this includes sourcing candidates who are good cultural fits for your team. Our Military Transition recruiters are a collaborative, interdependent, nationwide team that works as a whole in sourcing talent for every search. We travel to military installations worldwide every year, vetting thousands of candidates to recruit only the best. As a result, we maintain an abundant veteran talent pipeline to meet every distinct hiring need. Contact us to quickly find the right expert for your maintenance job.

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